Thursday, March 16, 2017

You gotta copyright everything nowadays. To my surprise, while wanting to customize a t-shirt from site, I find an image on a t-shirt! SOMEONE STOLE MY IMAGE and made it into a graphic. People can buy this graphic and use to create their own t-shirt! I was shocked. Good news: I pursued and alerted on this infringement. quickly took it off their site, apologized and alerted the culprit. It was so obvious that the image was mine.!

So this happened a while ago, and I was recently reminded on how crazy this is. Someone took an image of a piece I made (clockworks brooch) and made it part of his Steampunk Tattoo collage! So, technically, my work lives forever on someone's body...forever too on the internet. Wow.

Simply amazing Steampunk apparel for both men and women! "The Violet Vixen" is a new find for me that features both men and women Steampunk apparel. Too cool for school! Corset-styles for men? CRAZY!!! Here's just a few pics but click the link to see much more!

I ran into this great company called "Hips & Curves" that promotes Plus Size stuff and found that they also had some fantastic, gorgeous items for Steampunk gals! LOVE!!!

Hips & Curves Plus Size Halloween Costumes

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Here's a cool video of a small sample of items I sell on my Etsy shop. Get 40% off now on anything valued over $22 by using this coupon code: SPRING40. Visit my shop at:

A collage of pieces I've created and being sold on my Etsy shop.

Risen from the dead!

Hello everyone!  It's been FOUR YEARS since last posting to my blog.  Life as it is has taken me to some ups and downs, and I am happy to say that things are looking better.  Long story short...I see a light at the end of the tunnel.  Wowza!  What a difference these past few years have been.  But I still hold steadfast in my celebrating all things "Steampunk"!  I've been experimenting with different design styles and discontinued some old ways of constructing my pieces.  I've been designing since the late 1980's but have really focused on the Neo-Victorian, Sci-fi genre we all know as Steampunk.  Let me dust things off and clean up this blog space, and I'll be back to share more stuff with you real soon!