Monday, April 29, 2013

MOTHER's DAY Gift Ideas for 2013...

Mother's Day is coming up! It's always the second Sunday of May and this year it's May 12th.  I have made new pieces this season that will make terrific Mother's Day gifts.  You're the lucky one if you follow my blog - although I don't post new blogs as often as I should!  When you purchase anything from my Etsy shop from now thru May 15th you get a 20% off coupon code!  Use this code and apply it at the check out page when putting an item in your cart:  FAN20.  You'll find it on the right side of the totals written in blue lettering "apply shop coupon code".

Here are just a few items that are NEW this season and will certainly make great Mother's Day gifts for that "steamy" Mom!!!

Click here to go directly to my Etsy shop to see more!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

More than just Goggles...It's ART!


Here are more varieties on Goggle Designs...not your everyday Goggle!  These are more of an "accessory" to your Steampunk outfit.  It's not a practical piece to wear on your face and see thru.  It's for fun and guaranteed to wow people!  Each Goggle I design has a theme:




Being featured in a Book!

Back in November 2012, the book STEAMPUNK FASHION was released.  And, I'm very proud and excited to say that yours truly is a featured designer in this beautiful book!  I was contacted by the author, Sam Ratcliffe aka "Spurgeon Vaugh Ratcliffe".

I was interviewed and asked to submit a variety of photos of my work.  I was also very surprised that I got a 6-page spread in full color!  I'm also mentioned in the foreword of the book in such a creative manner!  It is a great book that features the top 30 designers from all over the world specializing in STEAMPUNK genre.  I'm the only designer from Hawaii.
The book is available everywhere and this book also has information on every artist - website information!  If you get a chance to get the book it is indeed a "eye candy" for Steampunk lovers.
Here's a pictorial collage of my fashion spread in STEAMPUNK FASHION:

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Apologies to my dear fans...

I know, I know! I have to send sincere apologies to my devoted fans of my work.  My Etsy shop keeps me so busy - in addition to many other theatrical projects - I keep forgetting to post stuff here!  And, before you know it, I complete forget that I have a "blog"!  But, you can find me both at my Etsy shop ( and especially at my biz facebook page (!/pages/Steampunk-Jewelry-Weaponry-Design-by-Friston/124817010871863?fref=ts).

I've got some exciting things to share so stay tuned...I promise!

--Friston :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I'm Having A "Steamy" Christmas: Celebrating A Designer Christmas Steampunk Style!

People know me as the "Steampunk Jewelry/Accessories Man" - the guy to go to for cool, creative pieces to finish up their outfit. But, many of you don't realize that a great deal of my design skill came from my 20+ years as an Award-winning Floral Designer/Florist. As a kid, I've always loved Christmas displays at the shopping malls and seeing all the wonderful trees in all sorts of themes! In my own family, I was always in charge of decorating the family tree. Today I continue the tradition. But, not just ONE tree. This year I have SIX - not counting all the other mini trees as part of vignettes that are located in every corner of the main home...and bathroom. I know. I'm crazy about Christmas.

This 2011 Season is the first I'm featuring a Designer Steampunk Tree and a few tablescapes as well. Falling in the category of Steampunk/Victorian, I also have a NEW tree specifically designed as a "Hawaiian Monarchy Tribute" tree. Since the Monarchy of Hawaii in it's Glory Days happened during the 19th century, I thought it fitting and special to utilize both themes as my featured trees in my home.

Here are a few of my pics. I hope you enjoy!

If you'd like to see my complete home pics go to my "Christmas Home Decor" Album on my facebook page.

Also, if you'd like to see a Video Walk-thru  click go to my Christmas Home Decor Video that I posted on my facebook page as "December 19, 2011 10:28 am".

Wishing you a "Steamy" Christmas and New Year!!!


Friston :)